Week 7: Honor Harger’s lecture

On this date I attended Honor Harger’s presentation Something Invisible in the Landscape for UOW postgraduate week.  Honor Harger is the executive director at the ArtScience museum in Singapore.  This museum explores “what drives creative people” by presenting both of cutting edge science exhibitions. (ArtScience museum)  Her lecture examined how we relate to technology and how technology infrastructure continues to become more invisible and integral in our society’s layout.  This could be negative occurrence since most people don’t seem understand how infrastructure works.


One work that really stuck out to me was Timo Arnell’s Immaterials: Light Painting Wifi.  This work involved the artists placing poles with electronic lights in rows around the city.  These poles had sensors in them that could detect internet signal and would ignite the lights according to how strong the wifi signal was in that spot.  These light poles were able to create a map of how strong the wifi connection was from any point in the city.  This work shows the “pervasiveness of ad-hoc WiFi networks in urban spaces.” and exposed how very present technology infrastructure had become even though it is becoming more invisible. (Timo Arnell)

Images of US drone attacks from Dronestagram

Dronestagram by James Bridle

Two other works that I thought were really interesting were Dronestagram and Drone shadows by James Bridle.  Dronestagram is a popular project by James Bridle that takes somewhat eerie pictures from the drones point of view of areas that had been damage or bombed by drones.    Drone shadows involves creating full scale outlines of mechanical drones that are used for surveying or airstrikes.  These outlines are meant to draw the public’s attention to the invisibility of drones and to the overall “invisibility of contemporary, networked technologies.” (De zeen magazine)


Drone Shadows by James Bridle


Information about the ArtScience Museum:


Immaterials: Light Painting Wifi




Drone Shadows


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